film by ets

i’ve been a ‘photographer’ all of my life.  by that i mean living and learning using my vision as my primary means of absorption.  if i’m talking on the phone and the person can help me visualize the discussion, i do a better job of following along and being engaged.  being so, i naturally gravitated to the camera for self-expression and was especially attracted to the visual arts.  although in my retirement, i’ve taken up the piano.    although, again it’s probably the more ‘visual’ of the musical instruments.

i stated this ‘blog’ to keep up a historical record of my activities as a photographer: art show, art fairs, competitions, interesting activities, etc.   it also serves as the ‘one safe source’ for reference when i want to point someone to samples of my work.

my subject is any and everything that catches my eye.  it serves to express my point of view and as an outlet for the ‘artist’ in me when subject to the ‘gradients and filters’ available today to the digital photographer.

i acquired my first 35mm camera in the early 90’s.   since then i’ve gone on to bigger and better cameras and in the process acquired a significant catalogue of film and digital images.

i’m now retired and shooting less but doing more with my existing catalogue to prepare images for competition and fine art fairs that i enter a few times a year.

my goal is to offer a unique perspective for you to enjoy and perhaps buy if you are so incline.

elijah t sansom

d/b/a film by ets

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